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LR Realty, The Capital LR 

Family Abundance and Mental Prosperity

Now Partnered with Debt Clense to help more families own homes.

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Build Your Future

The LR Way

Our investment philosophy is to create returns by creating value. We identify strong local markets and arrange the ideal capital structure; devise a business plan and efficiently manage the business plan operations.

We identify unique opportunities on or off-market through passionate and thorough underwriting, we go through about 93% of our opportunities in order to find the most rewarding attractive risk-adjusted investment. 

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"Real Estate Is The Mother of Investments."

traditional real estate

Multi-Family Commercial

Buy and Hold

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Company Values:


Family First.

Abundance Next.

Mental Prosperity Third.

We want success from you as a member, your voice matter.

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What Do We Expect?

Unit Limitations: Between 12 to 201 units

Median to Mid-Heavy Value Add

Job Growth: Increase Over 5 Years

Crime Rate: Below 580

Population Growth: 1.4% Annually

Unemployment Rate: Under 12%

Poverty Level: Under 15%

Median Income: $40K+

Median House or Condo Value: $200K+

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