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About Us


LR Realty LLC,
Certified Real Estate

Making Your Vision a Reality

Advising clients ranging from individual private investors, clients and homeowners to major developers and investors, we put teamwork, innovation, and passion in every property and everything we do, striving to go the extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations.

About Our Firm

LR Realty

LR Realty and Capital LR is a real estate investment Team focused on underperforming multifamily properties.

We create core-plus and value-add opportunities that deliver superior risk-adjusted returns by implementing moderate to extensive renovations.

We have over 50 investors, KP’s, and LP’s, a few private equity firms, and a hand full of W-2 investors.

Our laser-focused acquisition criteria and Barbarian Hustle, combined with our wise consults help create real value. Meanwhile, we use our experience and our ability to execute operational plans, exit strategies, and identify strong market trends offer investors healthy satisfying returns.

However, it's our customer service that investors love. A friendliness to Control and Capital, the fresh approach from The Capital of LR (Leading Royalty).

Our Vision

Have you ever heard "that the vision is in the eye of the beholder". Well, that's how we feel about AGAPE. AGAPE simply means to Aim, Grow, Apply, Produce, and Endure. These are the keys to life and business. See our vision is something that the blind cant see, but those with vision can see.

The platform we are building is not so simple, but:

We Aim to create 20 millionaires, that have multi-million dollar investments.

We Grow every day.

We Apply what we have learned.

We productively Produce.

We Endure through the good just as well as the bad to make sure our clients get A1 service.


Our vision won't stop so for short it's "AGAPE".

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